Capturing your love story the way you                    it


your relationship isn’t cookie-cutter,
so why should the way you get married?

The first and only rule is, there are no rules. I am your #1 advocate for doing what you want, how you want, and when you want. I want to give you only the best vibes and my best work, so that you can show up on your most favoritest day ever and (truly) be present with the love of your life. 

San Antonio based traveling worldwide

Texas Based Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Whether it be planning and organizing a photography timeline for a big wedding with all your friends and family, or being a fly on the wall and capturing the intimacy of a two person, all-day elopement.

My number one goal is to have you feeling confident and at-home throughout the whole process, while in the end, delivering photos that make you emotional and sappy years and years later. 

I provide a fun and seamless wedding photography experience. 

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Your wedding day should be an unforgettable day that is                                          and one that is completely stress-free.

As a photographer who specializes in intimate weddings and elopements, I will help you with exactly that.

10000% about you,

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“An artist who weaves emotions into her work”

“My recent photoshoot experience with Caitlin was absolutely phenomenal!! From start to finish, Caitlin's talent shines through in several aspects: She effortlessly helped me plan the perfect outfits that matched the ambiance, ensuring that every detail was in sync. Her genuine affection for my dogs created a relaxed atmosphere, resulting in photos that reflect our authentic family bond.

Caitlin's empowering attitude and kind words made me feel incredibly beautiful and confident, which is beautifully evident in the final photos. 


What truly stands out is Caitlin's ability to capture the essence of love. The way she immortalized the connection between my husband and me is simply magical. In conclusion, Caitlin is not just a photographer, but an artist who weaves emotions into her work. The photos she took are more than just images; they're a reflection of our story and love. Choosing Caitlin means choosing an experience that's joyful, heartwarming, and unforgettable.”



I’m a wedding and elopement photographer based in San Antonio, Texas - but I’ve traveled far and wide to capture the uniqueness of different couples' wedding days. 

Photographing couples is my favorite thing in the entire world because it celebrates one of the greatest things about being human: the ability to LOVE. 

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember, and I am also a true hopeless romantic to my core. From movies to books, it's truly no surprise to anyone that knows me, that I get to photograph real love for a living.

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More than a Photographer
I am also your...


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You’re ready to get started planning your wedding day, just the way you imagine it. 

It’s a love story

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